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FR-PPR pipe
FR-PPR glass fiber composite pipe is a high-performance pipe, which uses multi-layer co-extruded, low-temperature high-speed production with special techniques and equipment. Specification Dn: (20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm) Properties: 1). The linear expansion coefficient accounts only for one-third of the ordinary PP-R products 2). Strengthening of pipe rigidity preventing deflection of pipeline and the same time reducing density and quantity of fixed supporting points, thus reducing comprehensive cost of the pipeline 3). Good resistance to ultraviolet radiation: black outside layer of FR-R pipe can eliminate radiation of solar energy providing pipe with a protective barrier against ultraviolet radiation. It can be directly used for open-air installation without deformation, resistant to color change and resistant to aging. It has longer service life, and is the ideal choice for outdoor construction of solar and heat energy systems 4). Higher pressure resistance and longer service life under conditions of designed vibration force 5). Better resistance to high temperature and obvious of energy-saving and consumption reducing effects. In case using FR-R in hot water system, normal service temperature can reach 95~100 degree, in creasing temperature of the usage medium, reducing thickness of thermal insulating material and comprehensive cost. 6). High flow-rate of water: under condition of same pressure class, wall thickness of FR-R pipe is lower, increasing internal diameter of pipe, thus increasing flow-rate of water. 7). Solved problem of air permeability of pipeline, hygienic and not toxic internal surface contacting with water, good tightness and cannot form water moss. The structure of intermittent layer of Kexing glass fiber reinforced FR. PP-R pipe can totally isolate the outside air, which cannot infiltrate into the pipeline, thus restraining growth of alga, always keeping water fresh and clean.

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