Our company successfully completed the renewal audit of the quality management system

Time:2021-04-23 Visitors:3318

On April 5th, the quality management system certificate of Shandong Efield Piping System Co., Ltd. passed the renewal audit of the expert group.

Quality Management System Certificate

The ISO9001 standard is an international standard that reflects the company's quality management system. A certified company indicates that it has reached international standards in the integration of various management systems, and can provide customers with satisfactory, qualified and high-quality products.

Since its establishment, our company has always regarded quality management as the foundation of enterprise development, established and improved a complete set of comprehensive quality management systems covering production, marketing and other positions, and conducted regular internal review of the completion.

In this renewal review, the certification expert team used on-site audits, inquiries, and consulted the original work ledger to conduct a comprehensive, rigorous and meticulous review of all units and departments, and agreed that our company fully meets the certification renewal requirements.