Product Introduction Product Specification
PRODUCT SIZE  pcs/carton 
Equal Elbow L16 230
Equal Tee T16 160
Equal Straight Union S16 280
Copper Ring 16 500
Equal Elbow L20 180
Equal Tee T20 130
Cross  20*20*20*20 60
Equal Straight Union S20 250
Copper Ring 20 300
Equal Elbow L25 100
Equal Tee T25 80
Equal Straight Union S25 150
Copper Ring 25 300
Equal Elbow L32 60
Equal Tee T32 50
Equal Straight Union S32 100
Copper Ring 32 300
Female Elbow L16x1/2F 180
Female Elbow L20x1/2F 160
Female Elbow L20x3/4F 120
Female Elbow L25x3/4F 100
Female Elbow L32x1F 60
Male Elbow L16x1/2M 250
Male Elbow L20x1/2M 200
Male Elbow L25x3/4M 140
Male Elbow L32x1M 70
Female Loose Elbow LH16x1/2F 200
Female Loose Elbow LH20x1/2F 200
Female Loose Elbow LH25x3/4F 120
Female Loose Elbow LH32x1F 50
Female Elbow with plate L16x1/2F (A) 130
Female Elbow with plate L20x1/2F (A) 130
Female Elbow with plate L25x3/4F (A) 90
Female Elbow with plate long  L16x1/2F (A) Long 100
Female Elbow with plate long L20x1/2F (A) Long 100
Elow with welded brass pipe L16*Φ15 80
Elow with welded brass pipe L20*Φ18 60
Female Straight Union S16x1/2F 250
Female Straight Union S20x1/2F 250
Female Straight Union S20x3/4F 200
Female Straight Union S25x3/4F 180
Female Straight Union S25x1F 120
Female Straight Union S32x1F 100
Male Straight Union S16x1/2M 300
Male Stright Union S16x3/4M 300
Male Straight Union S20x1/2M 250
Male Straight Union S20x3/4M 220
Male Stright Union S25x1/2M 180
Male Straight Union S25x3/4M 180
Male Straight Union S25x1M 120
Male Straight Union S32x1M 120
Female Loose Union SH16x1/2F 320
Female Loose Union SH16x3/4F 200
Female Loose Union SH20x1/2F 320
Female Loose Union SH20x3/4F 200
Female Loose Union SH25x3/4F 200
Female Loose Union SH25x1F 120
Female Loose Union SH32x1F 100
Copper Adapter S16xΦ12 350
Copper Adapter S16xΦ15 250
Copper Adapter S16xΦ18 250
Copper Adapter S20*Φ18 200
Unequal Tee T16x20x16 150
Unequal Tee T20x16x16 160
Unequal Tee T20x16x20 160
Unequal Tee T20x20x16 140
Unequal Tee T20x25x20 100
Unequal Tee T25x16x16 120
Unequal Tee T25x16x20 120
Unequal Tee T25x16x25 80
Unequal Tee T25x20x16 120
Unequal Tee T25x20x20 100
Unequal Tee T25x20x25 80
Unequal Tee T25x25x16 80
Unequal Tee T25x25x20 80
Unequal Tee T25x32x25 60
Unequal Tee T32x20x20 60
Unequal Tee T32x25x25 60
Unequal Tee T32x25x32 50
Unequal Tee T32x32x25 50
Unequal Cross 20x16x20x16 60
Unequal Cross 25x16x20x16 60
Unequal Cross 25x20x20x20 60
Female Tee T16x1/2Fx16 150
Female Tee T20x1/2Fx20 120
Female Tee T25x1/2Fx25 80
Female Tee T25x3/4Fx25 70
Female Tee T32x1Fx32 50
Unequal Straight Union S16x20 300
Unequal  Straight Union S16x25 200
Unequal Straight Union S20x25 180
Unequal Straight Union S25x32 120

Product characteristics

Efield Pex Slide Fittings Characteristics and Features 
Efield pex slide fittings is made of  imported CW617N, CW602N and 
domestic high quality brass raw material and others customer's request.
It is made by forging and CNC machining. It is used for connecting the pex-b pipes and multilayer pex-al-pex pipes. 
Conformed to ISO 21003, AS/NZS2492, EFIELD slide fittings have been passed AENOR and WATERMARK certification. 
Body material: CW617N/Hpb57-3/Hpb58-4/Hpb59-1
Surface treatment: Nickel Plated, Sand Blasting, Chrome
Power: Manual
Working medium:Water, Gas ,Water, Oil and Air
Test: 100%Leakage Testing

Product Execution Standards

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