Product Introduction Product Specification
ASTM F876/877,CSA B137.5 BAR/ROLL
3/8  10/20/100-1000FT
1/2 10/20/100-1000FT
5/8  10/20/100-1000FT
3/4 10/20/100-600FT
1 10/20/100-500FT


AS/NZS 2492:2007 BAR/ROLL
16x2.0/2.2  5/100/200M
20x2.0/2.8 5/100/200M
25x2.5/3.5  5/100/200M
32x3.0/4.4 5/100/200M


EN ISO15875:2007 BAR/ROLL
16x2.0  5/100/200M
20x2.0 5/100/200M
25x2.5  5/100/200M
32x3.0 5/100/200M

Product characteristics

EFILED PEX-B tube is manufactured from a high density polyethylene (HDPE), using a silane method of cross-linking. The process of cross-linking forms bonds between molecules in polymer and improves its performance and durability. Silane method has become very popular thanks to the high quality of the end product and it’s affordable cost. As a result, EFIELD PEX is priced far more attractively and has a substantially higher quality than many other brands on the market. EFIELD PEX has undergone a long process of testing for quality and meets or exceeds today's highest standards and most strict requirements for drinking water and chlorinated water.




Product Execution Standards

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